Dr Adam Hyland

Dr Adam Hyland was born in South Africa and spent his childhood in the Johannesburg area. After secondary school he attended Witswaterand University, completing his chiropractic studies in 2000. Following 4 years of highly successful practice in the city of Bloemfontein, Dr Hyland attended a Kiro Kids seminar in Capetown and following a short visit to Australia accepted an invitation from Dr Neil J Davies, the CEO of Kiro Kids to immigrate with his family to Ballarat and become part of the Kiro Kids team. In no time Dr Hyland fell in love with Ballarat and its people and he quickly gained a strong and loyal patient following. He was a deeply committed man who had a profound effect on people as he ministered to their needs.

In January 2007 Dr Hyland was diagnosed with cancer. By the time the diagnosis was made the disease had spread to many organs and in March he died after a short but brave fight. Dr Hyland loved life, he loved people and above all he loved being part of the Kiro Kids vision. At the time he came to Kiro Kids we were developing the advanced elements of the NeuroImpulse Protocol and he threw himself with abandon into this project. His grasp of the principles of NIP was uncanny and it was soon decided he would adopt the advanced seminar as his own project and teach it wherever it was being offered in the world. Unfortunately, that was not to be and just two days after he died the first presentation took place in Manchester (UK).

Dr Hyland was the epitome of a genuine professional. Not knowing was never good enough and his commitment to patients and learning was an inspiration. It was his dying wish to see the science of NIP furthered, particularly in the field of paediatrics. Dr Hyland had completed the first two years of his MSc degree in paediatrics when he died. He would today be a very proud and happy man to see the development of this memorial scholarship, which has been designed specifically to allow, each year, another chiropractic graduate to have what he was denied in his premature death.

The Scholarship

The scholarship is a one year fully funded program designed to assist a first year graduate to reach a high standard of clinical competency in both general practice and paediatrics. The focus of the program is on the completion of the first year of the MSc degree in chiropractic paediatrics and the attainment of clinical competence in the basic procedures related to the practice of chiropractic paediatrics.


By the end of the scholarship period, the successful applicant will:

  • Be competent at NIP basic and advanced in its application to the wider community
  • Demonstrate competence in basic chiropractic paediatric practice
  • Have completed Year I of the MSc degree program in chiropractic paediatrics
  • Have completed a minimum of 12 weeks of unsupervised clinical practice.


This scholarship is a fully funded program, the total remuneration package being made up of salary, superannuation, MSc course fees, seminar fees, one to one tutorial fees and regional allowances where applicable. Two weeks of paid annual leave are included as part of the total remuneration package.


The participating Kiro Kids clinics are located at Ballarat, Altona North, Horsham and Highton.


The successful applicant will be enrolled in all the following academic programs as part of the scholarship requirements:

The successful applicant will devote the first 6 weeks of the scholarship period to an intensive NIP learning program (basic and advanced) directed and supervised by various Kiro Kids staff and including one to one tutorial time with Dr Neil J Davies. Following this initial 6 week period, time will be divided between dedicated study (MSc degree work) and rotation through each of the clinics learning the basics of chiropractic paediatrics at the patient interface in a supervised, controlled setting. Attendance at all Kiro Kids seminars is required as part of the scholarship requirements.


Initially all patient contact will be supervised and controlled. Once a basic level of competence has been achieved in NIP and paediatric procedures, opportunity will be offered to provide unsupervised patient care during clinic rotations and also when professional staff take annual leave.

Appication Details

If you would like to be considered for the inaugural Adam Hyland Memorial Scholarship, download the application form, or alternatively, please contact the Kiro Kids administration head office and request an application form to be sent to you.