The MSc degree course, accredited by the University of Wales and now offered to the chiropractic profession by McTimoney College of Chiropractic was designed and written by Dr Neil J Davies in conjunction with a group of leading paediatricians and other medical specialists and chiropractic advisors. The course was in development for a period of 4 years. At Kiro Kids we recognize that there are many chiropractors who may want to undertake studies in paediatrics, but not necessarily at Master level. In order to meet the needs of this group we have designed the innovative Certificate in Chiropractic Paediatrics course.


The qualification you will receive on successful completion of your studies is the Certificate in Chiropractic Paediatrics. Because the study material is taken directly from the first year of the MSc degree course, academic credit will apply to make it possible for you to transfer directly into the MSc course as an advanced standing student. A reduction in year 1 course fees will also apply.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold a DC or BSc degree in chiropractic or recognized equivalent and be eligible for registration as a chiropractor.

Course Structure

The course is 1 year part time and relies heavily on mixed mode learning protocols, a cutting edge educational technology now used all over the world, and shown by educational outcome research studies to be the educational method of choice in the clinical sciences.

Educational Method

The mixed mode learning method, as it has been applied to chiropractic paediatrics combines directed self study, periodic residential school attendance, clinical case problem solving and application of learned skills to the patient setting. Each subject area is divided into topics of study which require the completion of a combination of practical exercises and assignments based largely on solving clinical case problems. Tutorial assistance and help with clinical cases is available from the teaching team on line.

Course Fees


Fees may be paid as a single lump sum or in monthly instalments and include all written and multimedia materials. An additional fee applies to each of the Residential Schools.

Course Outline

Module 1

Substrates of chiropractic paediatrics

  • Introduction to chiropractic paediatrics
  • Chiropractic philosophy
  • Medicolegal issues
  • Clinical history taking
  • Assessment of growth & development

Module 2

Physical Assessment & chiropractic skills acquisition (spine)

  • Physical examination techniques
  • Subluxation assessment
  • Paediatric adjusting techniques

Module 3

Physical Assessment & chiropractic skills acquisition (extremities)

  • Physical examination techniques
  • Subluxation assessment
  • Paediatric adjusting techniques

Module 4

Paediatric neurological examination

  • Infant & toddler
  • Pre-schoolage
  • Schoolage & adolescent

Residential Schools

Clinical case based interactive study and workshop program practical teaching encompassing all the techniques of physical examination, subluxation assessment and adjusting.

Formative Assessment

Each topic of study requires the submission of a number of assignments which together make up the formative assessment. The purpose of formative assessment is to allow your study supervisor to evaluate your mastery of the study material. A pass/fail grade with helpful comments from your study supervisor will be communicated to you on each topic.

Summative Assessment

Each module also has a summative assessment which is the more formal long answer type assignment which is graded on a percentage basis. These assessments taken together make up your overall grade for the self directed learning component of the course.

Practical Assessment

A clinical examination is required at the end of the course. This examination will be in the form of an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). This examination is made up of a long case (with a patient) and a series of short cases (without a patient) where you will be required to solve specific clinical problems from information provided. For those transferring to the MSc course, this examination will be given at the completion of the additional modules that make up year 1.


If you would like more detailed information, please contact Kiro Kids and state that you are interested in the Certificate Course in chiropractic paediatrics and we will send you a detailed prospectus and an application form.